Mold may not be visually present to be a problem. Mold hides behind walls, inside duct work, under carpeting and other areas that can't be seen

our inspection process

First we like to learn from our clients about issues that they are having with their home or business.  Are they ill? Having health concerns? From there we like to learn about areas of concern they have inside their home.  Do they have visible mold?  Is moisture present?  Is the home feeling humid? How many rooms?  Is there a present smell of mold in the air?  What is the total square footage of their home?

These questions and others help us formulate a plan to inspect the home.  We may use tools such as thermal imaging, moisture meters along with inspecting various sections of the home to find the source of the problem.  Often times we recommend a full home inspection paired with a mold inspection.  This helps us eliminate guess work and after we have found the possible source of the problem, we can take samples and have them lab tested for verification.

After learning about the lab sample reports we can recommend proper mold removal procedures.  Once that has taken place we recommend a second mold test to confirm mold is no longer a threat.


iac2 mold certified

We have a standards of practice for inspecting problem areas within the home that may be causing issues.   We perform air sampling for the best results.


lab tested

Our samples are lab tested and we deliver an inspection and multi-page lab report to you once completed.


Mold sample report images-click to enlarge

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