Below are some common client questions:

do you charge re-inspecting fees?

We believe in customer service and strive to work with every customer that may need us to return to verify a repair or issue that was observed during the inspection.   Our re-inspection fee is half the original inspection fee.

my realtor suggested that i need an inspection, but why do I need an inspection?

You may be making the biggest purchase you have ever made.  Don't trust a couple of walk-throughs and seller disclosures.  Not everything needing attention can be seen by people outside of the industry and sellers may not know of key problems.

Do you offer military discounts?

Of course! Part of our area includes the cities around Fort Knox.  We have a $50 discount for military members.


how far is your area of coverage?

Our area of service is basically central Kentucky.  We cover cities such as Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Campbellsville, Lawrenceburg, Shelbyville, LaGrange and Louisville.

Do you charge mileage fees?

We don't charge mileage fees.

How soon can i get my report?

Typically our reports are delivered the same day or evening of the inspection.  Sometimes the next morning at the latest.


Do you pay realtors to be referred by them?

This is a conflict of interest and we believe in building realtor relationships but not paying for them.



what if i have questions after the inspection?

We believe in customer service and you are never alone after the inspection and report has finalized.  It is perfectly normal to have questions and we can help.

Do you do repairs?

That would be considered a conflict of interest and we don't perform work or repairs on issues we address during an inspection.


How can I pay for my inspection?

We have many payment options.  We can arrange payment online or in person during the inspection.  Checks, cash or credit cards are accepted.

How long will this take?

Each home is different on how long an inspection will take but typically they can average about three hours.

Do I have to be at the inspection?

We really encourage this.  It is vital for a buyer to be at the inspection of the home they are purchasing.  Issues can be addressed and discussed.  In some cases, if a buyer isn't present, they may not understand issues brought up in the report and this can lead to confusion. It is always a great idea if the buyer can attend but we understand this isn't always possible.  You do not have to be at the inspection.  Sometimes your realtor can attend which is helpful.


why do i need mold testing I don't see it?

Mold isn't always visible and can be hidden in duct systems and behind walls.  We perform key air sampling to test the quality of the air flowing through out the house.

do you share my report with the seller?

Only if we have your authorization or you would like us to.

can i have several things inspected versus the entire house?

We do individual item inspections, but since our fees are near the price of a regular home inspection, we advise spending slightly more to get a complete report.